About Us

I Deepak Kumar founder of SHUMAHI welcomes to you all in my Blog SHUMAHI. I am here to help you all in the section of Technology, Health related problems as well as new and latest food recipes tips. I love to help people and its my passion. I am very eager to learn more about new technologies, updated more about health related problems and also eager to learn and trying new new dishes at home. I am self-motivated problem solver. My Primary motto is to inspire people from various domains and helping them to learn something different.

Coming to in Technology section, I have a good knowledge of  Search Engine optimization, YouTube, WordPress, Networks, Operating Systems, Website Designing, AdSense, Admob, and Algorithms.

Coming to in Heath section, I am very updated about newly health related diseases and wish to update its all treatment comes to you in this blog.

Coming to my Food Recipes section, As you know, I am a food lover guy and always eager to trying new dishes at home and other places and inspire people always from various domains.

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