Health Tips: While watching TV

Health Tips: While watching TV

Health Tips While watching TV
Health Tips While watching TV

Health Tips: While watching TV, you do not make this mistake or it will harm your health If you are also among those who watch breakfast and snack while watching TV, then be careful. This habit may outweigh your health.


Watching TV can be unhealthy and raise your risk of weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease, but you can make watching TV healthier with this advice. We are telling you what are the disadvantages of eating snacks while watching TV –

Risk of 1 diseases – Many research has found that youth who eat snacks while watching TV are more prone to metabolic syndrome in their body. It was also found that due to metabolic syndrome, there are complaints of increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, waist fat and cholesterol in children.

Health Tips While watching TV
Health Tips While watching TV

Eating more than 2 capacity – You must have also realized that people often eat more than their capacity and requirement by eating snacks while watching TV. Which has adverse effects on the body.


3. indigestion – While watching TV, people often eat snacks in the same position they are in, and the problem of indigestion starts due to eating in the wrong position.4 obesity The problem of obesity also increases due to over capacity and eating incorrectly.


4. You sit on the chair in such a way that you are well supported. This means that your back is touching comfortably behind the chair – avoid sitting on a soft couch or a bean bag for a long time.


5. Change your position regularly – If you have been watching TV for a long time, turn to the couch, chair or sitting on the floor.


6. To provide seated support, use a lumbar roll, or rolled towel behind your lower back (belt line).


7. Avoid non-symmetrical and unsupported positions – such as if you are sitting with the neck or head on the cushion.


8. Keep your TV well – Try to have your TV set directly in front of you, at a height of mid-sight.


9. Stretch! – Use professional brakes to change positions, get up and running, and do gentle stretches.


10. Instead of having no lighting in your room, keep the lighting on. Your eye damage can occur over time with strong or no illumination.


11. You should be motivated by athletes – You should avoid excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol and remember to eat and sleep well.


12. If you have lower back pain or if you are suffering from sciatica, avoid the position of ‘bending’ with your legs extended straight in front of you.


13. Do not watch TV in bed – as it often causes neck and back pain.


Thanks to streaming services, it’s easy to binge-watch an entire season of your favorite show without coming up for air. These 7 tips will help you indulge without harming your health — or missing out on real life.

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